Thursday, November 11, 2010

fermented cod liver oil: how do you take yours?

Green Pasture's Cinnamon Tingle Butter Oil/FCLO Blend Gel

Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO) isn't the most tastiest supplement out there. As a matter of fact, if tasting not-so-good was a sign of how incredibly good it is for you, FCLO would fit the bill! I found a fun read on Google Books called 
It was written in 1852.  The link I provided is the part on Cod Liver Oil. Very interesting! 
If you want some very comprehensive information on the importance of adding FCLO to 

I've tried many "flavors" of FCLO...Liquorice Lips, Cinnamon Tingle, Mediterranean, Chocolate Cream gel, Plain, and Arctic Mint. To put it bluntly, they all basically taste like their flavor mixed with fish. And I'm not a fan of "fishy" tasting food. 

Recently, I obtained some Cinnamon Tingle flavored Butter Oil/FCLO blend gel and I'd have to say, this is the best one yet. There is no fishy taste but it is thick like butter which makes it a little more difficult to get down if you have weird texture issues with food. I've found the best way to get this one down is to take it with my morning cup of tea. My technique is simple...make the tea and let it cool a bit (I do this so I can drink it rather quickly after inserting the FCLO into my mouth).  Then, I take a baby spoon and get out the amount I need...I'm lactating so I'm supposed to take 2 teaspoons daily. I aim for at least a teaspoon + because FCLO isn't cheap. I take the spoon in my right hand and place to the tea in my left hand...insert spoon into my mouth quickly and let it sit on my tongue. Then I take a big sip of warm tea and let it melt the gel a bit and swallow. 

All done.  

Back when I took the liquid FCLO, I had a different technique. I would get a medicine syringe and syringe it into the back of my throat and chase it quickly with either warm tea or a kefir smoothie. There was "ickiness" for only about 3 seconds. Out of the liquid FCLO flavors, I tolerated enjoyed the Mediterranean flavor best. 

We have seven children and some will take it and some won't. I gave it to our 18 month-old recently and she spit it out - immediately. Our 3 year old can taste/smell it in anything I try to hide it in - and refuses it. Our 5 year old is the "pleaser" and will do most anything I tell her is "healthy". Her big question to me is always "Mommy, is this healthy?"...she's so cute. Anyway, she takes the FCLO with a syringe and chases it down with a cup of fresh raw milk. Our 7 year old won't even look at the bottle (picky eater anyway), our 9 year old will take it if she thinks she's getting sick or has been around someone who is sick...she too chases it with raw milk. Our 12 year old will only take it under the same circumstances as our 9 year old. Our 14 year old won't look at the bottle either! 

Soon, I plan to start rubbing the FCLO into our 18 month-old and 3 year old's feet to get it into them. 

What is your favorite FCLO flavor? Do you give it to your kids? How do you get it down? 

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  1. I'm a big ol' weakling when it comes to taking FCLO...I have mine premixed with butter oil in a capsule! PS found your blog on food renegade...its really pretty!

  2. Um, I can't swallow it! blech. I try but it is just gross. I do have some pills - better but I suppose not as good for me?

  3. I mix it with a glob of molasses for my 4yo, then chase it with a bite of breakfast.

    For myself, I take a big spoonful, hold it in my mouth and then take a big swig of home-brewed kombucha for a chaser - I don't taste it at ALL, it's AWESOME!!